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​2020 Rowing Performance Centre (RPC) Announcement

  • 05 Oct 20

Rowing NZ hosted a Development Regatta 26 September - 2 October at Lake Karapiro. This event, combined with erg tests conducted throughout the Rowing Performance Centres (RPCs) winter programme, provided an opportunity for athletes to gain selection into RPCs and the Elite Development programme.

Rowing NZ are committed to providing pathway athletes with the support required to reach elite level rowing, and exposure to the training and competition required to perform internationally. Rowing NZ has four RPCs, tasked with developing athletes capable of representing New Zealand. Rowing NZ recently introduced an Elite Development programme based at Lake Karapiro to provide support to athletes who have demonstrated physical and mental performance capability, combined with the potential to thrive under a transition training programme in acknowledgement of the fact that 2020 is the first year of the Paris Olympic Cycle.

Rowing NZ are pleased to announce that Ella Cossill and Ollie Maclean have been invited to join the Elite Development programme, alongside Charlotte Spence and Dan Williamson who were selected in July.

Auckland RPC

Alana Sherman, Auckland Rowing Club

Ashlee Rowe, North Shore Rowing Club

Cameron Webster, North Shore Rowing Club

Charlotte Spence, Auckland Rowing Club

Cole Brann, Northeastern University*

Dan Williamson, Yale University

Harry Church, Brown University*

Isaac Grainger, Auckland Rowing Club

Jack Ready, Auckland Grammar Rowing Club

Jade Raby, North Shore Rowing Club*

Jostien Leota-Butler, West End Rowing Club*

Kelsey Bevan, Counties Manukau Rowing Club

Kelsi Walters, Counties Manukau Rowing Club

Luca Kirwan, Auckland Rowing Club

Lucas Clarke, Harvard University (added November 2020)

Lucy Burrell, West End Rowing Club

Mahé Drysdale, West End Rowing Club

Matt MacDonald, North Shore Rowing Club

Michael Brake, North Shore Rowing Club

Murphy Waters, Mercer Rowing Club

Ollie MacLean, University of California, Berkeley

Scarlet Billingham, Counties Manukau Rowing Club*

Sophie Egnot-Johnson, North Shore Rowing Club

Stephen Jones, West End Rowing Club

Thomas Barrell, North Shore Rowing Club*

*Selected subject to further testing in November

Waikato RPC

Alison Mills, St Pauls Collegiate Rowing Club

Briana Perry, Stanford University*

Brooke Donoghue, Waikato Rowing Club

Brooke Kilmister, Cambridge Rowing Club*

Caleb Shepherd, Waikato Rowing Club

Campbell Crouch, University of California, Berkeley

Ella Cossill, University of Washington

Elliott Jenkins, Boston University*

Emma Twigg, Hawkes Bay Rowing Club

Flynn Traeger, Stanford University*

Flynn Watson, Waikato Rowing Club

Grace Holland, Tauranga Rowing Club*

Grace Watson, Waikato Rowing Club*

Hannah Osborne, Te Awamutu Rowing Club

Holly Mills, Waikato Rowing Club

James Scott, Tauranga Rowing Club

Jonte Wright, Waikato Rowing Club

Jordan Parry, Tauranga Rowing Club

Kate Haines, Waikato Rowing Club*

Katie Lush, Waikato Rowing Club

Logan Ullrich, University of Washington

Luka Ellery, Te Awamutu Rowing Club*

Matthew Dunham, Cambridge Rowing Club

Nina Hearn, Waikato Rowing Club

Rebecca Leigh, Cambridge Rowing Club

Reuben Houghton, Northeastern University*

Sam Monkley, Harvard University

Samantha Voss, Cambridge Rowing Club

Seth Hope, Yale University

Shaun Kirkham, Waikato Rowing Club

Stella Clayton-Greene, Hauraki Plains Rowing Club

TK McLaren, Tauranga Rowing Club

*Selected subject to further testing in November

Central RPC

Alice Fahey, Star Boating Club

Angus McFarlane, Blenheim RC*

Arie Magasiva, Wellington Rowing Club

Beth Ross, Petone Rowing Club

Brook Robertson, Nelson Rowing Club

Chris Harris, Aramoho Whanganui Rowing Club

Ella Greenslade, Wairau Rowing Club

Georgia Nugent-O'Leary, Aramoho Whanganui Rowing Club

Ian Seymour, Wairau Rowing Club

Jackie Gowler, Aramoho Whanganui Rowing Club

Jackie Kiddle, Star Boating Club

Jamie Hindle-Daniels, Wellington Rowing Club

Josh Mallett, Star Boating Club*

Kerri Gowler, Aramoho Whanganui Rowing Club

Kirstyn Goodger, Wairau Rowing Club

Kobe Miller, Blenheim Rowing Club

Luke Brady, Boston University

Mollie Nicol, Star Boating Club

Oliver Fahey, Wellington Rowing Club*

Phillip Wilson, Petone Rowing Club

Phoebe Collier, Whanganui Collegiate School

Robbie Manson, Wairau Rowing Club

Ruby Tew, Star Boating Club

Sarah Wootton, Wellington Rowing Club

Tom Murray, Blenheim Rowing Club

Zoe McBride, Nelson Rowing Club

*Selected subject to further testing in November

Southern RPC

Angus Kenny, Otago Rowing Club*

Bella Carter, University of Washington*

Ben Mason, Otago Boys High School Rowing Club

Cameron Smith, University Of California, Berkeley

Charlotte Darry, Avon Rowing Club*

Davina Waddy, Canterbury Rowing Club

Emma Dyke, Timaru Rowing Club

Eva Hofmans, Otago Rowing Club

Eve Macfarlane, Canterbury Rowing Club

Grace Loveridge, Canterbury Rowing Club*

Grace Prendergast, Avon Rowing Club

Hamish Bond, North End Rowing Club

Helena Rikiti, Awarua Rowing Club*

Jack Lopas, Yale University (added November 2020)

John Storey, Avon Rowing Club

Kathryn Glen, Avon Rowing Club

Kristen Froude, Waihopai Rowing Club

Lucy Spoors, Canterbury Rowing Club

Maeve Power, Avon Rowing Club* (added November 2020)

Matthew White, Canterbury Rowing Club (added November 2020)

Nathan Flannery, Union Rowing Club

Oli Taylor, Canterbury Rowing Club*

Olivia Loe, Avon Rowing Club

Phoebe Spoors, Canterbury Rowing Club

Sally Wylaars, Canterbury Rowing Club*

Sam Bosworth, Avon Rowing Club

Thomas Russel, Avon Rowing Club

Tom Mackintosh, Avon Rowing Club

Veronica Wall, Yale University

Will Gilbert, Canterbury Rowing Club

Zack Rumble, Avon Rowing Club*

*Selected subject to further testing in November


Ian Bright - Head Coach Auckland RPC

Bryce Abernethy - Assistant Coach Auckland RPC

Tom Stannard - Head Coach Waikato RPC

Nick Barton - Assistant Coach Waikato RPC

Fiona Bourke - Assistant Coach Waikato RPC

Marion Horwell - Head Coach Central RPC

John O'Connor - Head Coach Southern RPC

Josh Schmidt - Assistant Coach Southern RPC