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2019 Summer Squad Announcement

  • 12 Sep 19

Rowing NZ acknowledges the athlete and coach performances at the recent World Championships. To qualify 9 boats, to make progress with the M8+ and to be close with qualifying the M4x are all positive signs for Tokyo 2020 and Paris 2024.

With less than 10 months before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, Rowing NZ has named this summer squad to reflect the 2020 Olympic ambitions and our Paris 2024 outlook. The key goal now shifts to our current medal winning boats and to look for opportunities to enhance the performances of the remaining boats.

We reviewed all of our World Championship performances and although not yet qualified for Tokyo, Rowing NZ will use the summer period to further progress the Men’s Eight and Men’s Quadruple scull for consideration to attend the Final Olympic Qualification at the March National Selection Trial. Rowing NZ is not considering any other boat for this regatta.

Rowing NZ will also name our Rowing Performance Centre (RPC) squads by 20 September. The RPCs are the development programme for Rowing NZ’s high performance athletes, with the primary purpose to identify and develop pre-elite athletes capable of representing New Zealand in 2024 and 2028.

Assembly date - Monday 30 September at Rowing NZ with your own individual training commencing on or before Monday 23 September.

2019 Summer Squad


Ashlee Rowe (Auckland RPC, North Shore Rowing Club)

Beth Ross (Petone Rowing Club, Central RPC)

Brooke Donoghue (Waikato Rowing Club, Waikato RPC)

Davina Waddy (Canterbury Rowing Club, Southern RPC)

Ella Greenslade (Wairau Rowing Club, Central RPC)

Emma Dyke (Timaru Rowing Club, Southern RPC)

Emma Twigg (Hawkes Bay Rowing Club, Waikato RPC)

Eve Macfarlane (Canterbury Rowing Club, Southern RPC)

Georgia Nugent-O’Leary (Aramoho Whanganui RC, Central RPC)

Grace Prendergast (Avon Rowing Club, Southern RPC)

Hannah Osborne (Te Awamutu Rowing Club, Waikato RPC)

Jackie Gowler (Aramoho Whanganui Rowing Club, Central RPC)

Jackie Kiddle (Star Boating Club, Central RPC)

Kelsey Bevan (Counties-Manukau Rowing Club, Auckland RPC)

Kelsi Walters (Counties-Manukau Rowing Club, Auckland RPC)

Kerri Gowler (Aramoho Whanganui Rowing Club, Central RPC)

Kirstyn Goodger (Wairau Rowing Club, Central RPC)

Lucy Spoors (Canterbury Rowing Club, Southern RPC)

Olivia Loe (Avon Rowing Club, Southern RPC)

Phoebe Spoors (Canterbury Rowing Club, Southern RPC)

Ruby Tew (Star Boating Club, Central RPC)

Sam Voss (Cambridge Rowing Club, Waikato RPC)

Sophie Mackenzie (Wairau Rowing Club, Central RPC)

Zoe McBride (Nelson Rowing Club, Central RPC)


Anthony Allen (Waikato Rowing Club, Waikato RPC)

Brook Robertson (Nelson Rowing Club, Central RPC)

Cameron Crampton (Timaru Rowing Club, Southern RPC)

Cameron Webster (North Shore Rowing Club, Auckland RPC)

Chris Harris (Aramoho Whanganui Rowing Club, Central RPC)

Hamish Bond (North End Rowing Club)

Ian Seymour (Wairau Rowing Club, Central RPC)

Isaac Grainger (Auckland Rowing Club, Auckland RPC)

James Lassche (Avon Rowing Club, Southern RPC)

John Storey (Avon Rowing Club, Southern RPC)

Jordan Parry (Tauranga Rowing Club, Waikato RPC)

Lewis Hollows (West End Rowing Club, Auckland RPC)

Mahe Drysdale (West End Rowing Club, Auckland RPC)

Matt Dunham (Cambridge Rowing Club, Waikato RPC)

Matt MacDonald (North Shore Rowing Club, Auckland RPC)

Michael Brake (North Shore Rowing Club, Auckland RPC)

Nathan Flannery (Union Christchurch Rowing Club, Southern RPC)

Phillip Wilson (Petone Rowing Club, Central RPC)

Robbie Manson (Wairau Rowing Club, Central RPC)

Shaun Kirkham (Waikato Rowing Club, Waikato RPC)

Stephen Jones (West End Rowing Club, Auckland RPC)

Tom Mackintosh (Avon Rowing Club, Southern RPC)

Tom Murray (Blenheim Rowing Club, Central RPC)


Caleb Shepherd (Waikato Rowing Club, Waikato RPC)

Sam Bosworth (Avon Rowing Club, Southern RPC)


Calvin Ferguson

Gary Hay

Gary Roberts

James Coote

Mark Stallard

Mike Rodger

Tony O’Connor