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US Scholarship Athlete Liaison Appointed

  • 10 May 19

Logan Keys has been appointed as a US Scholarship Athlete Liaison and will manage communications with New Zealand athletes based in US universities on behalf of Rowing NZ.

Logan will also be responsible for assisting athletes who desire to join the Rowing NZ Athlete Pathway upon their return to New Zealand.

All US based athletes are encouraged to make contact with Logan regularly. If required, Logan will communicate with Judith Hamilton, General Manager of Performance on the behalf of US based athletes.

For any New Zealand rower who may be considering a scholarship opportunity outside of New Zealand, Rowing NZ encourage them to consult their existing trusted network, including high school or Rowing Performance Centre (RPC) coaches. All regionally based athletes are welcome to make contact with their respective RPC coaches who can connect them with Logan Keys directly if required. Logan can provide advice and guidance to athletes and their families who are considering accepting a scholarship opportunity, and will help to ensure that athletes are making the best decision possible in relation to individual's goals - both tertiary study and rowing.

Logan Keys


027 3836 150