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2019 Rocket Foods New Zealand Rowing Championships

  • 11 Oct 18

Updated 15 October 2019

Rowing NZ is pleased to release the 2019 Rocket Foods New Zealand Rowing Championships programme of events. The new programme sees the introduction of a Men's and Women's Intermediate 1x, 2x and 4+. The addition of Intermediate events were added at the direction of the NZRA 2019 AGM. The actual events were identified by the Domestic Committee as the six events to add. It is hoped that the addition of these events will give athletes in the Intermediate grade more competitive racing. These Intermediate events will be run as exhibition events.

2019 will also see a return to racing of some events unlikely to have semi-finals being raced on the Thursday afternoon. This includes the Premier and U22 4xs - where these events have less than 8 entries across both fields, they will be run as one race - two sets of medals will be awarded. No Club grade events will have finals on the Thursday afternoon. It is also likely that some events will have their heats run out of order from the finals to allow better timing for some athletes wishing to compete across grades.

As with 2018, "Senior Title Winner" pins will be presented to all people who win a senior event for the first time. These pins were designed to be the same colour as a Red Coat and to recognise the best club based athletes in the country. Clubs will also be be presented with pennants for all Senior winning crews.

Rowing NZ is looking forward to the season ahead and we look forward to seeing you at regattas throughout the summer.