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2018 World Rowing Junior Championships - Day Two

  • 10 Aug 18

A large, colourful and enthusiastic crowd filled the grandstands at the 2018 World Rowing Junior Championships in Racice, Czech Republic. They came to see day two of heats with rowers aiming to qualify for the next round of racing. The water was completely flat with morning temperatures already in the high 20s.

Junior Women’s Four (JW4-) – Heats

With three heats lining up it was the aim of these crews to finish in a top three position for a direct path to the semi-finals. Heat One had the New Zealand four in a commanding position, leading for the majority of the race. New Zealand finished 11 seconds ahead of the field, with Germany trying to hold off Russia and Austria. It was a fight for the remaining two spots with Russia missing out.

Junior Men’s Four (JM4-) – Heats

A top two finish was needed to move on directly to the semi-finals in these three heats. The New Zealand Four was in Heat Three , which also featured last year’s junior champions, Great Britain. The British crew has two remaining members from last year’s winning crew and they led through the first half of the race with New Zealand and the United States the nearest challengers. The Brits were comfortable in the final sprint and the New Zealand came through rating 35 to take second. Great Britain’s time of 6:07 was much, much faster than the other two heats.

Junior Women’s Quadruple Sculls (JW4x) – Heats

Three heats lined up with the aim of being in a top two position for a direct path to the semi-finals. Out in lane six, Italy led the way in Heat Two. But it was tight with the Netherlands and a push by the Dutch in the second 500 gave them the lead. These two countries were now comfortably ahead of New Zealand in third. But New Zealand fought back and got the overlap with the Italians. This race was far from over. Italy and New Zealand were side-by-side giving them an advantage of knowing their competition, while the Dutch sat on the other side of the course, away from the action. But it didn’t seem to bother the Dutch who stayed in front. Italy had now broken away from a fading New Zealand. The New Zealand quad will contest the repechage later tonight.

Junior Men’s Quadruple Sculls (JM4x) – Heats

A large field of four heats had the goal being to be in a top two position for a direct path to the semi-finals. Heat One started off quickly by Switzerland with Italy and New Zealand in hot pursuit. Coming into the middle of the race Italy had pushed ahead of Switzerland with the New Zealand crew also overtaking the Swiss. Italy and New Zealand were now neck-and-neck at the head of the field. A push in the third 500 gave New Zealand the lead with the crew rating 37 in the final sprint to try and stay ahead of a fast finishing Swiss crew, however Switzerland powered home rating 39 and took the win.

Junior Women’s Double Sculls (JW2x) – Heats

Four heats lined up and the goal here was to be finishing first for a direct path to the semi-finals. Heat One opened with Germany in the lead. This was before New Zealand’s crew of Glen and Clayton-Greene moved into the lead. Germany had no answer with Japan now overtaking the Germans. Looking long and strong through the water Glen and Clayton-Greene were moving away from their competition. Japan were rowing well but they were not close enough to challenge the New Zealanders.