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Water safety code 2016

  • 21 Oct 16

The Rowing NZ Water Safety Code 2016 has now been approved by Maritime NZ.

The development of this code is to ensure the safety of all those involved in our sport and also so that rowers can be allowed to row without wearing a lifejacket (coxswains and coaches still require lifejackets). If you are compliant with the Water Safety Code 2016 then you are given an exemption to Part 91 of Maritime law which is the requirement to wear a lifejacket while in a boat.

Many of the specific requirements of the code have not changed but we have formatted the document so the clubs, rowers and coaches responsibilities are clear. Some new conditions were required in order to get the approval and we will be working hard to ensure you are all familiar with the new areas.

The Water Safety Code 2016 can be viewed via the attachment below - please ensure your club becomes familiar with this. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Sonya Walker on sonya@rowingnz.kiwi