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Final Qualification Regatta and World Cup II coverage

  • 17 May 16

Final Olympic Qualification Regatta

Follow the LIVE Race tracker of the Final Qualification Regatta, Lucerne on the World Rowing website: http://www.worldrowing.com/events/2016-fisa-europ...

Link to the competition schedule: http://www.worldrowing.com/events/2016-fisa-europ...

World Rowing Cup II, Lucerne

Coverage of the 2016 World Rowing Cup II, Lucerne will be available on SKY Sport in New Zealand

LIVE: Sunday 29 May 8:00pm SKY Sport 7

Highlights: Monday 30 May 8:30am SKY Sport 3

Highlights: Monday 30 May 12:00pm SKY Sport 4

Replay: Monday 30 May 4:00pm SKY Sport 3

Highlights: Tuesday 31 May 7:30am SKY Sport 1

Highlights: Tuesday 31 May 11:00am SKY Sport 4

Highlights: Tuesday 31 May 3:30pm SKY Sport 3

Highlights: Wednesday 1 June 8:00pm SKY Sport 2

Highlights: Thursday 2 June 3:30pm SKY Sport 4