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10 February 20
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Fastest double ever made

Filippi Double Scull


Filippi F17 rowing double scull. The fastest shape in the world designed for 85-100kg athletes, I have rowed it with 75-110kg athletes and it goes great - faster and more stable that anything I have rowed and a lot better in the rough.

This mould (shape boat) won Gold and Silver in both the men’s pair and men’s double events at the 2019 World Rowing Championships.

This is the actual boat Nathan Cohen and Joseph Sullivan won a gold medal in at World Champs in Karapiro, they were both around 82kg. Refurbished to remain in excellent condition. Also the same shape and rigger setup as the Croatians did 5:59 in a few years ago.

Excellent boat to row in excellent condition. Owned privately. 27.0kg so minimum weight. Two stay reverse tubular carbon riggers (the stiffest). New price on one of these is around $28k. Can deliver in the North Island.

Here's what they day on the Filippi website: F17 is one of the most successful hull made by Filippi and one of the best selling at the moment. This product features a U main cross-section and a stable floating attitude in the water. It can be considered “the ideal” for the double scull boat class in pro rowing, but it is suitable even for sweep.

The F17 is improved by continuing advanced hydrodynamics studies: the bow is penetrating and with its V shape easily maintain the direction, the stern is designed to support the weight of the athletes during the catch phase.
This product is a perfect choice for male athletes up to 105 Kg that are looking for a fast and stable boat.

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