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04 January 20
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Cambridge, New Zealand
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A custom single scull roof rack built for the standard vehicle.

Car boat rack


This custom single scull roof rack was built specifically for the standard vehicle.

The lightweight, robust structure holds your boat securely with no pressure at any point. The slung straps act as suspension, allowing minor movement against the movement of the body of the vehicle as it traverses the road. Using tie downs (not included), the skiff is held in position within the straps slung in the cradles, preventing it from moving forward/backwards, or bouncing out. It’s a proven system that works and is suitable for carrying most makes of single scull rowing boats and/or canoes. This rack has been used to transport skiffs everywhere between the Bay Of Plenty and Otago for training and competition between national team training, and without any incidents.

  • Length: 2 metres
  • Weight: 4.5 Kilograms
  • Cradle width: 400mm
  • Support straps: 50mm wide car seat belt webbing (the elastic under one has snapped but only serves to prevent the strap from blowing away when no skiff is loaded, when they should be removed for safekeeping).
  • 1 Pair of U-bolt clamps: 55mm width (slightly rusted)

Easily attaches to Thule, Yakima and other popular roof rack crossbars. The Boat Rack lies on these, along the length of the car. The clamps fit around your roof bars and the rack on a diagonal, or through the centre, facing either way up.

More pictures can be supplied on requested (i.e. rack in use). Viewing welcome at any time.

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