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09 June 19
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Adirondack Wherry Single or Tandem Seaworthy Scull


Seaworthy single or tandem scull


Adirondack Wherry Seaworthy Single or Tandem Scull. Fantastic scull for open ocean or lakes. Excellent for training, touring or learning to row. 6.1m fiberglass hull with beautiful woodwork. Two hatches. Fore and aft floatation. Excellent condition with minor gelcoat chips near hatches (shown in photos). Imported from New York state in 2007. Two owners. Located in Nelson. Can be setup for single or double sculling in minutes using Piantedosi Ro-Wings with sliding seats. 4 Dreher Carbon fiber macon adjustable handle ultra light oars. Boat beach dolly included.

See photos at https://photos.app.goo.gl/NefsfJqbvEx8mzKCA

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