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08 April 19
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"The CoxOrb is essentially three devices in one. It is lightweight and offers a great range of useful functionality making it a fantastic addition to any cox's armoury."

Henry Fieldman

Double World Champion

As stated above by Henry Fieldman the CoxOrb is a critical instrument that is used to portray a Coxen's ability and purpose further. The functionality of this device is unlimited and can be applied to any situation to maximize the result. Being an ex-Coxen, this device helped me to push my crew further and provide them with the necessary information needed to do so. With this piece of hardware in any Coxen's arsenal is an immense advantage and I recommend purchasing one to greater your chances of success.

Cox Orb For Sale

$750 ono

Purchased Brand New In December 2017 for $1150.00

Key Features

  • Light sensor controlled backlit display
  • With both boat surge and seat magnet stroke rate sensing you are never without rate even if you have a damaged seat sensor or missing magnet
  • Unit stores 20 timed pieces, automatically deleting the oldest when a new piece is added. These can then be reviewed on screen
  • Real Time Clock
  • Timer triggered by first boat movement so the display stays on zero for standing starts even if the seat magnet sensor is accidentally triggered
  • Volume level saved when unit is turned off

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