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2017 Junior Team Announced

  • 20 Apr 17

The New Zealand Junior Team to attend the Junior World Rowing Championships in Trakai, Lithuania, has been announced.

New Zealand Junior Rowing Team

To attend Junior World Rowing Championships

Trakai, Lithuania 2-6 August 2017

Junior Women’s Coxless Four

Kate Littlejohn, St Pauls Collegiate

Grace Watson, St Pauls Collegiate

Kate Haines, Diocesan School for Girls

Grace Loveridge, Christchurch Girls High School

Nick Barton (coach)

Junior Women’s Double Scull

Veronica Wall, Ashburton Rowing Club

Sydney Johnson, St Peters School

Bruce Jones (coach)

Reserve Junior Women’s Coxless Pair

Rosie Ireland, Diocesan School for Girls

Grace Holland, Tauranga Girls College

Nick Barton (coach)

Junior Men’s Quad Scull

Sam Monkley, Cambridge Rowing Club (Waikato RPC)

Luke Brady, Nelson College

Mark Taylor, Oamaru Rowing Club (Southern RPC)

Finn Jenkins, Whakatane High School

Ian Bright (coach)

Junior Men’s Coxless Four

Ben Taylor, St Andrews College

Matt Macdonald, Auckland Grammar Rowing Club (Auckland RPC)

Thomas Russel, St Andrews College

Daniel Williamson, Kings College

Tony O’Connor (coach)

Junior Men’s Coxless Pair

James Hall, Kings College

Samuel Jones, Westlake Boys High School

Tony O’Connor (coach)

Men’s Single Scull

Bradley Leydon, John McGlashan College

Bruce Jones (coach)

Reserve Junior Men’s Double Scull

Gus Olifiers, Trident High School

Manawa Mclaughlin, New Plymouth Boys High School

Ian Bright (coach)

Team Manager

Janey Wackrow